Wired Workshop

Electronics & Robotics

Embark on a journey into the electrifying world of electronics and robotics! Work on your budding projects, seek advice from seasoned enthusiasts, or discover collaborators who share your passion. Whether you’re decoding a circuit diagram for the first time or fine-tuning your robotic masterpiece, our community is here to energize your endeavors.

The presentation for this session will be an introduction to the basics of electronics and circuit diagrams.

All Skill Levels Welcome! Whether you’re a seasoned expert or an eager beginner, you’ll find a place here. Together, we learn, innovate, and inspire.

Upcoming themes

Nov 7 - Intro to Arduino: Arduino is an easy to use, programmable microcontroller, so we’ll have some demo projects and help anyone interested to get started.

Nov 21 - Robot Battle! We’ll break into 6 teams and use Lego Mindstorms kits (provided) to build a little robot to compete against the other teams in a specific goal.

Dec 12 - TBD: Is there anything you’d like to see? Get in touch!

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